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Hello friends!

I hope you are in good shape!

A few days ago, on instagram, I launched an FAQ and the question of my hair routine came up several times! I thought it might be nice to write an article about it. Let’s go !

I have a fairly sustained training frequency. I go to crossfit 4 times a week at the moment and the other days I do sports at home or run. My hair is therefore daily exposed to perspiration which dries out the hair. I take special care of my hair! However, you will see, I have a fairly simple routine!

Make a suitable hairstyle!

The first thing is to choose your hairstyle! I often do a braid so that my hair doesn’t rub but I also sometimes do a high or low ponytail to vary the attachment points (and therefore the friction of the elastic)!

The frequency of shampoos

I wash my hair after each sports session so as not to let sweat (and especially the mineral salts evacuated with perspiration) damage my hair.

I use mild shampoos (Mixa baby type!!) or “Weleda frequent use” type organic shampoos. Small thing to note: in the shower, when I apply the shampoo, I really massage my skull! This activates the micro-circulation and therefore promotes hair growth.

The choice of conditioner

I almost always use a nourishing and detangling conditioner that I only apply to the lengths. I favor natural compositions such as “Naturé moi” with argan oil and apricot.

Oil baths

Once a week, I leave on a homemade mask based on coconut oil and argan oil! I leave it on all night or during my workout at home, for example. To activate the blood circulation of the scalp and boost the benefits of the treatment, I apply a few drops of peppermint essential oil in massage on the scalp! It’s super effective! (Beware of the eyes! And especially not to do if you are pregnant)

The choice of brush

I have opted for a Tangle Teezer brush for several years now. Detangling is very gentle and painless. It makes the hair shiny thanks to the short teeth that smooth the cuticles. I love it !

Well, that’s as simple as that !

What are your tips for having beautiful, long & healthy hair? Feel free to share your tips with everyone in the comments!


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