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Cut Out These 12 Foods That Promote Cancer

On your mission to better health, you may have come across articles about ‘cancer medullary-fighting superfoods’ and ‘cancer medullary-causing foods’. Unfortunately, these are often unsubstantiated or poorly researched so there is a lot of unreliable information online. So, how can people find reliable information on cancer-related nutrition?

We’re committed to providing you with reliable, substantiated facts so you can make the necessary changes to your lifestyle, from maintaining a healthy diet to kicking unhealthy habits. This article provides information on cancer-causing and cancer medullary-fighting foods that are backed up by research from authoritative sources — such as the World Health Organization and Cancer Research UK — so that you can eat mindfully, understanding the carcinogenic or anti-carcinogenic properties of various foods.

Eating the right foods and filling your body with the minerals and nutrients it needs to thrive is not only beneficial for your dental and gut health, but it can also help reduce your chances of developing specific types of cancer medullary.

Cancer medullary causing foods:

12-Soft drinks:

Have you ever thought about the implications of consuming a carbonated beverage? Not only are soft drinks full of sugar, calories, and artificial ingredients that have little to no health benefits, but they can also be downright destructive to your body! Studies show that drinking just two sodas per week could nearly double your risk for pancreatic cancer. Yikes! Aside from the possible long-term effects on your health, think about what kind of toll this type of beverage can take on your teeth! The acidity level in popular diet sodas and regular sodas is comparable to that of battery acid–a solution put into place for corrosion. So next time you’re tempted to reach for one of those brightly colored cans, consider what kind of an impact it will have on your overall well-being. After all, investing in our health by eating right and nourishing our bodies should be a priority.

11-Processed meat

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the consumption of processed meats has been connected to an increased risk of cancer. In particular, it is linked to colorectal and stomach cancer, and has therefore been classified as a Group 1 carcinogen. Examples of these types of meats include popular sandwiches components like frankfurter hotdogs, ham, sausages, corned beef and beef jerky as well as lunch and canned meats. Therefore, those looking for healthier alternatives should consider switching their diets to include white fish or white meat such as chicken or turkey. If they are vegetarian or vegan they could choose meat-substitutes like Quorn, Tofu or Seitan. By eating these poultry options instead of processed meats people can feel confident that they are taking steps to reduce their risk of contracting certain types of cancer.

10-Red meat:

Enjoying the occasional steak dinner can be a healthful way to treat yourself while providing your body with some important nutrients. With grass-fed beef, it’s also one of the lower risk types of red meat when it comes to cancer. Research has shown that these are more nutritious and provide cancer-fighting power, as well as being generally lower in fat content. However, one should always be mindful that eating too much red meat on a daily basis increases the risk for colon cancer in both men and women by up to 20%. So remember, when in doubt or if you’re struggling with cravings, opt for grass-fed organic beef – it will do your body good!


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