Top 12 smartest talking birds in the world

Have you ever experienced a moment when your feathered pet bird mimics your voice? It’s absolutely fascinating how some parrot species possess the ability to not only imitate words, but to also understand human language. The African grey parrot, budgerigar, and yellow-naped amazon are just a few examples of intelligent talking birds. These creatures have a knack for mimicking not only words, but also the tone and inflection of human speech. It’s no surprise that they top the list as some of the smartest talking birds in the world. When your pet bird starts to mimic your voice, it’s natural to become speechless and amazed by their ability.



Macaws may not be the chattiest birds in the aviary, but their noisy nature still makes them quite the talkers. While they may not be as verbose as some of their other parrot counterparts, macaws are still quite impressive mimickers of speech. Some species, like the blue-and-gold macaw, are especially skilled at picking up on new words. Just be warned, their vocabulary may not always come through as clear as day. But if you’re looking for a feathered friend that will keep you on your toes with their vocalizations, a macaw would fit the bill. Just be careful what you say around them – you never know what they might pick up on!

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11-African Grey Parrot:


African grey parrots are fascinating birds that belong to the Psittacidae family, also known as true parrots. These medium-sized parrots have an elegant and distinctive appearance with their grey color, large black bill, and white mask. Their yellow eyes and striking red vent and tail add to their unique look. Growing up to 33 cm (13.2 inches) and weighing an average of 400 g (14 oz.), they primarily feed on fruits, seeds, buds, nectar, and pollen, but also eat insects or meat occasionally. African grey parrots also have a remarkable lifespan of 50+ years in the wild, making them a sought-after pet. This solitary bird is incredibly intelligent and can easily be taught to speak. Despite their declining population, estimated to range from 0.56 to 12.7 million individuals globally, they are still not endangered. These monogamous birds have an incubation period of 28 days and attain sexual maturity after 4 to 7 years. Overall, African grey parrots are truly amazing creatures with a unique personality and captivating appearance.

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10-Yellow-naped Amazon:


The Amazon parrot family is famous for its talented talking birds, and the yellow-naped amazon is no exception. This species possesses a remarkable ability to contextualize human speech and accurately mimic a wide range of words and phrases with excellent quality. Interestingly, yellow-naped amazons begin learning to talk from a very young age, often picking up most of their vocabulary from their owners. This species also tends to bond with only one human, making the interaction between owner and pet essential to developing and enhancing their talking abilities. If you’re lucky enough to own a yellow-naped amazon, prepare to be mesmerized as they flawlessly repeat not only words but also songs from their surroundings.

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