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Some advanced yoga exercises to elevate your practice

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  • Some advanced yoga exercises to elevate your practice


We can use Hatha Yoga to create positions from the sport of esports gymnastics. Regular yoga exercise can help you build muscle strength and endurance.

According to studies, participants who performed 24 solar salutations six days a week for 24 weeks saw significant improvements in upper body strength, endurance, and body fat percentage.

Whether you’ve been doing yoga for a while or are just getting started, you may want to step it up a level to challenge yourself physically and psychologically.

Advanced yoga positions can strengthen your body and train larger muscle groups. Lisa Kolba, a yoga instructor at YogaToday, a subscription-based virtual fitness platform with thousands of on-demand yoga, Pilates, and meditation courses, presented a series of poses with step-by-step directions to help your body and mind.

More regularly than you’re used to (and who knows, maybe you’ll soon be able to sit in the front row of class).





the benefits of this practice include stress relief, mind relaxation

Memory enhancement, lymphatic system stimulation, and heart and back strengthening.

The best way to complete this task is to make a basket with your hands, keeping your elbows about shoulder distance apart and your crown of the head down on the carpet.

Raise your knees and walk your feet toward your face, pressing your forearms to the floor. Lift one foot at a time, then the other.

Send the knees over the hips after the knees and feet are off the floor, then elevate the ankles above the knees until the legs are straight.






Standing Forward Fold to Tripod Headstand Press

It stretches the hamstrings and back muscles. Arms, back, and core are all strengthened.


To apply a wide-legged front fold, first, place your head on the ground, then place your palm on the side of your face.

Check that your elbows are above your wrists and hugging inward.

You can bend your elbows and stretch your legs out to the side and up in a lateral posture, or you can utilize your core strength and inner thighs to reach your legs out to the side and up in a sideways position.

Side Crow

This exercise strengthens the upper body, body, and gluteal muscles, among other things.

Hamstrings are stretched.

Try resting the right hip on the right elbow and the left side of the leg on the left elbow with your knees and pointing to the right.

Lean forward and push your toes off the floor by engaging your core.




the benefits of this practice

The benefits of this practice are that Arms, core, shoulder, and back muscles are strengthened.

Boost your blood circulation.I walk to the heart on a yoga mat. Lift one leg and jump to raise the other by sending your sight between the wrists.

Engage your core, drive your forearms into the floor, bend your knees, gaze forward and up, chest open, feet pointing toward the head after you’re steady with your legs above your head.





Stretches the shoulders, core, chest, and quadriceps while strengthening the body.

Put your weight on your right foot and grab the left foot with your left hand bending at the knee. After that, hold the inner of your left foot, and the top of the foot should be pressed against the hand.

You can get a high lift by pushing your foot back and up.

Mermaid Pose

Stretches and opens the upper back while pulling the legs, hips, quadriceps, chest, and glute muscles.

From a three-legged dog, send your right knee behind your right wrist and your right heel towards your left hip point while your right leg is lifted.

Then, walk your left foot behind you.

From this Pigeon Posture, twist to the left and see if you can take hold of the top of your left foot.

See if you can send the left foot into the crook of the elbow, then send your right hand back behind you to take hold of your left hand. 

Lizard Variation

Stretches the hip flexors, quadriceps, and hamstrings, among other muscles.

Step the outside of your right hand with your right leg.

Start by heel-toeing your right foot out to the side of the yoga mat and curling your toes under, and straightening your back left leg behind you as much as you can with the ball of your foot.

Then try if you can reach around and grab your left foot by twisting to the inside of your right leg.

To discover a deeper stretch, press the left foot into the hand, then draw the needle into the foot.

 You can also use your forearms for this.

Forearm Stand


Arms, core, shoulder, and back muscles are strengthened, and circulation is improved.

Walk your feet to your heart from Dolphin Pose.

Lift one leg and hop to lift the other, sending your sight between the wrists.

As the feet approach the head, engage your core, press the forearms into the ground, bend the knees, and begin to send your eyes forward and up, opening the chest.

Eight-Angle Pose

Pose that engages the entire body.

From head to toe, this pose strengthens and lengthens all regions of the body, particularly the inner thighs, back, arms, and wrists.

Try wrapping your right leg around your right shoulder while sitting. Then, with your left leg in front of your right hand, send it forward.

Squeeze the inner thighs together, hook the ankles, and bend forward to elevate the hips. Rep on the opposite side.




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