10 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in 30 Days

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Do you hate working out but want to lose weight and have a fit body? There are plenty of exercises that can be done within minutes.

Some can slim you down, but each of them may change the way you look. Exercise allows your body to convert calories into useful results, like muscle tone.

Make sure to mix different types of exercise. Besides aerobic exercise, such as running or jump rope, don’t forget to do some resistance exercise, like push-ups or lunges. It is also good to focus on compound movements that engage all muscles, such as the plank, the squat, and the deadlift.

If you decide to go for more strenuous workouts, you should give yourself rest days. However, it’s good to do at least some exercise each day of the week.

Try these 10 exercises that, if done regularly (even if you choose to do only a few them), will transform your body fast:

10- Dumbbell lateral raise:


Good posture is essential for physical and mental health, and this exercise is an easy way to help maintain it. Start by standing tall with your chest muscles engaged, shoulders pushed back, and palms facing each other. Then slowly raise your hands out to the sides until they reach your shoulders, keeping those muscles engaged as you go. Bring your hands back to the starting position and repeat ten times–you can gradually increase the number of reps as you become more comfortable with the movement. Not only will it help with proper posture but it’s also a great way to stretch out many key muscle groups in your body!

This move may be easy to do but it is also highly effective when it comes to strengthening your upper body. It works by specifically targeting the arms and back muscles, making them toned and lean. By constantly doing this exercise, you will be able to build strength, firm the arms and back muscles and add definition. As a bonus, you’ll look more elegant in those flattering evening dresses and sleeveless tops! Adding this move into your daily workouts is sure to give you an impressive upper body.

9-Lying leg raise:

If you’re looking for an effective ab exercise to easily add to your workout routine, then the lying leg raise is perfect for you. Simply lie down flat on the ground and place your hands palms down under your glutes. Lift both legs together, keeping them in a perpendicular position to the ground and lower back without touching the ground with your heels. This motion activates your core muscles while simultaneously strengthening them. Start off with one set of 12 reps before gradually increasing as necessary. Not only will you get a strong core but in no time at all you’ll be able to achieve an enviable six-pack!

The lying leg raise is an exceptional exercise for ab muscles, as it engages multiple muscle groups and is highly effective in targeting specific areas. It is a basic move, but be warned – the results can be profound. Doing this exercise challenges the rectus abdominis, which are the six-pack muscles; the lower abs; and even the obliques at your sides. Not only does this help to strengthen and define your core, but it also helps to increase spinal flexibility. As such, if you factor in a few reps of this easy yet intense exercise at least twice a week (preferably with intervals) you’ll quickly begin to feel its powerful effects.


Once you’ve built a good base of strength and stability with exercises like planks and squats, the lunge is a great next step. It starts to feel more dynamic and closer to everyday movements, so it’s easy to get used to. Just position your feet hip-width apart, and then take one leg forward and lower the body until the knee is parallel with the ground. You don’t want your knee extending past your toes. To add resistance and get even more out of the move, incorporate weights when you’re comfortable with the form. Side lunges are another variation on the same theme, where you simply do each rep sideways instead of forward or backward. Keep up this exercise routine for two sets of 10 reps each, and get ready to feel more stable than ever!

The forward lunge is an incredibly effective way to work on your lower body and sculpt those solid muscle in your thighs. This single move targets the glutes, quads, hamstrings, thighs and core all at once, providing you a comprehensive workout. And since it doesn’t require any special equipment or weights, it’s great for anyone looking for an easy way to improve strength and flexibility. The forward lunge can give your entire lower body a true face-lift when added as part of a regular routine that also includes full-body exercises and cardio. Imagine being able to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin with just a few quick moves. That’s what the forward lunge is all about!

7-Jump rope:

Jump roping is an exercise that only requires a rope and your body, but it does require the right form. To jump rope correctly, be sure to hold the handles properly and keep your elbows close to your sides. As you use small circles with your wrists to turn the rope, keep your torso relaxed and look ahead in order to maintain balance. To ensure that you don’t sacrifice proper form for speed, only jump high enough to clear the rope and avoid unnecessary strain or injury. Begin by doing two sets of ten reps each in order to build up strength, endurance, coordination and muscle definition. With this efficient and easy workout, you can quickly experience great results.

The burpee is an incredible exercise that is often overlooked because of its intensity. However, this move should not to be underestimated as it activates more muscles in the body than any other exercise. Not only will you feel instantly energized after doing a few burpees, but it’s also a great way to create a toned frame with long-term benefits. You’ll definitely feel the impact with regular use and you won’t regret investing your time in doing this incredible workout.

6-Overhead dumbbell press:

Doing this move will help build your strength and tone your triceps. To get started, find a comfortable spot where you have room to move slightly. Stand up straight, making sure your back is in a good posture, holding the weights in each arm – but be mindful to not pick ones that are too heavy for you to work with, gradually adding more if you feel comfortable doing so after the first set. Then slowly lift your arms away from your body and extend them upward until they are over your head – but make sure to not strain yourself too much. Hold the pose for 10 seconds before carefully lowering your arms again until they are parallel to the ground. Aim to do two sets of twelve reps each and adjust the weight depending on how challenging yet manageable it feels for you personally. With consistent repetition and appropriate caution during movements, this exercise should eventually commence strengthening effectively.

Speaking the language of multitaskers, the overhead dumbbell press is a great choice for anyone who wants to hit multiple muscle groups in a single workout. This compound exercise utilizes your shoulders, arms, back and core all at once. Not only does this save time and energy in the gym, you can enjoy greater gains across more muscles with less effort! Don’t let its basic form fool you — such exercises are essential building blocks for any fitness routine. With simple and effective exercises such as the overhead dumbbell press, it’s easy to take control of your health and fitness goals.

5-Hip raise:

This beginner exercise is really easy, yet still powerful in getting your body moving and burning those calories. To do this basic hold-up, all you need to do is start by lying down on the floor or your yoga mat, with knees bent and arms at the side of your body. Then, raise your hips so your torso forms a 90-degree angle from shoulders to feet, holding for 10 seconds for maximum effect. Stick this crucial pause before returning back to the starting position; do two sets of 10 reps for a good workout session. All in all, it’s a great way to warm up before doing some more complex movements or poses.

The move we’re talking about is a great one to include in your regular exercise routine, as it targets several key muscle groups. Working on the abs, glutes and hamstrings, this single move is perfect for all-around strengthening of the lower body. What’s especially useful about the exercise is that even beginners can do it; if you’ve struggled in the past with more advanced moves or never tried something like this before, now’s your chance to get into it safely. In just a few reps you’ll be feeling the burn, while simultaneously building stronger muscles and boosting your endurance levels.


Burpees are a unique and challenging exercise that will provide you with an incredibly effective workout. Not only do they work just about every muscle in your body, but they are also great for both cardio and strength training. Every burpee gives you a full-body workout while keeping your heart-rate up and burning lots of calories. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t have access to expensive gym equipment or wants to get in shape without spending heaps of money, these no-equipment exercises can be done almost anywhere – making them perfect for a busy lifestyle.

3-The Squat:

If you’re looking for an effective, functional exercise that can provide many different physical health benefits, look no further than the humble squat. Not only is this full-body compound move an excellent way to tone muscles and burn fat, it also helps build lower body strength, improve balance and coordination, boost overall endurance, and make you stronger. Working your legs helps create an anabolic environment in the body that promotes muscle growth across the board. For those just starting out on their fitness journey, squats are a great place to start—simply do two or three sets of 15-20 repetitions each day and you’ll be well on your way to making meaningful gains. Dr. Joseph Mercola has written extensively about how best to perform squats properly, so if you want a more detailed breakdown of the correct technique definitely check out his guide “6 Squat Variations You Must Try”.

2-The Plank:

The plank is an incredible way to strengthen major muscles in the body. In particular, it will give your abs and back great shape and strength – making your daily routine pain-free! When done regularly, the plank will increase strength while reducing back pain. It is important to start by holding the traditional plank position for 15-30 seconds before gradually increasing the time. As you get more comfortable with it, you can experiment with some of the other variations – such as a side plank, knee plank or single-arm plank. Work up to even more difficult versions like Bosu walking planking and rocking planks. With consistent practice, you can enjoy one of the most effective and sweatiest workouts around!


Running is an easy and effective way to get into shape. It is one of the most complete forms of exercise, as it engages all major muscle groups while improving posture, balance and coordination. Plus, with its high intensity, running is an excellent calorie-burning activity so you can shed those extra few pounds with ease. Alongside its physical perks, running has mental benefits too. Studies demonstrate that regular running helps keep your brain sharp and boost your self-confidence. Regular runs can also increase your energy and stamina, build stronger bones, promote cardiovascular health and reduce stress levels — making a 30-minute daily run a great way to stay fit throughout the year.



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