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Thus, it can be an excellent tool to promote brand awareness by delivering short yet concise videos. Continue reading to know how you can increase your brand’s awareness through this social media portal. Ou pointed out that though TikTok started catering mostly to Gen Z, its “millennial and older audience” continues to grow as the app goes more mainstream in the US and other countries. She argued it’s important for brands to get users attention now and become a part of their lives before the app adds an integrated commerce model that encourages them to spend on products. This kind of advertising is only limited to people on Tik Tok. Branded hashtags challenges give the users the ability to create engaging content on your campaign theme.

These days, the place you’re most likely to find teens hanging out online is a new video-sharing app called TikTok. TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world, with over 500 million users as of the last quarter of 2019. Business and brand are already starting to promote their goods and services there. You cannot ignore the potential of this app, as the business integration is already making a trend on Tik Tok.

As soon as they post a trend, you will have less than 2-3 days to create your own version of it before it becomes saturated content. The TikTok algorithm does not curate trends; so what you see on your For You page is usually a mix of trending videos and video content that you have earlier engaged with. The top-most banner mostly shows you sponsored trends and hashtags. As a creator, it is a good idea to make TikTok videos on sponsored trends too as they will be boosted by both TikTok and the brand. The final step is to choose the category your product or service comes under and click ‘Next’. This will give you customized content, events, and solutions tailored to your specific niche.

CTR (click-through-rate) and user-engagement statistics validate your advertising campaign, and you can further modify the ad’s appearance to improve conversion numbers. The average time spent by a TikTok user ranges between 50 to 60 minutes. That’s essentially an hour of opportunity that you have to grow your business in front of a unique audience and justifiably, a unique approach as well. Mostly,, TikTok ads are very similar to other paid social media ads barring some quirks that businesses and marketers should be aware of.

If the initial group of guinea pigs don’t show interest in the content, it’s shown to fewer users and is limited in its potential reach. TikTok challenges are significant pillars of promoting brands and events as they show the relevancy of the product or service being pushed by the concerned organization and business. Stella McCartney exemplified how brands should pay attention when looking for TikTok trends to recreate. The ad campaign reached more than 3 million views and 20,000 clicks in a short period of time.

Firstly, you need to start by creating the ads account at the TikTok if in case you don’t have an account on it. If in case you already have an account, then you only need to click on the create an Ad on the TikTok ads home page. Read more about buy TikTok Share here. Tiktok platform is one of the most valued startups introduced by bytedance based in China.

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